# California Data Exchange Center

California Statewide Water Conditions *

    (formerly known as California Water Supply Outlook)

* Statewide Water Conditions replaces Water Supply Outlook, previously published and mailed on a semimonthly basis by the Hydrology and Flood Operations Office of the Division of Flood Management. Statewide Water Conditions is now only available on the CDEC website. By providing a series of links to html, text, and pdf format reports, this allows for more frequent updates of data and information. This product is a "work-in-progress" and will be improved as time allows.

    Disclaimer: The data in these reports are preliminary and may be subject to revision.


Overview of Hydrologic Conditions

Precipitation (more)

Snowpack (more)

Runoff Forecasts (more)

River Runoff (more)

Reservoir Storage (more)

Background Information (more)