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Historical Data Selector

To retrieve a large volume of historical data:

  1. Specify a three-letter CDEC Station ID.
    Specify four or more letters to search for all Station Names containing the letters.
    Specify one or two letters to retrieve Station IDs that begin with what you specify.
    Specify a Snow Course number for combined depth and water content.
  2. Specify a Sensor Number. Leave blank for a list of sensors for a particular station.
  3. Select a Duration Code. Event Data is measured when conditions change or every 15 minutes.
  4. Enter a Start Date or an End Date.
    Leave Start Date blank for one month back of records. Leave End Date blank to retrieve records up to present.
  5. Click the "Get Data" button only once.

Station ID   Sensor Number   Duration Code Monthly, or Daily, or Hourly, or Event
Start date:   End date:    

For reference, check the Station Information page for a list of Real-Time Stations, Daily Stations, Monthly Stations, precipitation sensors, reservoir stations, or river gage stations. To generate custom lists, please use the CDEC Station Search.

You can also obtain data in comma-separated-value format, SHEF format, or generate a rough plot.


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