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Station Comments:

08/14/2012USGS rectified Total Count on 4/23/12 by adding 27.36" to bring Total Count to 50.44".
02/08/2012Redding USGS had to reset the logger which zeroed the precip count. They were unable to reset the precip count. They plan to return & replace the data logger and rectify the count in the near future.
03/24/2011Latitude and longitude updated according to information downloaded from USGS website.
01/03/2011Tipping bucket data shows a constant slope of 0.4in/15min since Dec 23
11/15/2010Tipping bucket was relocated on site 11/15/2010 3 pm for safety of access
03/27/2008Site converted to satellite only and water temp sensor was re-installed.
12/04/2006Hourly data is being filled by satellite data until a new vhf antenna can be installed.
11/17/2004End date was set for water temperature sensors because the Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe is no longer funding that sensor.