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Station Comments:

07/02/2015New rating table for low flows created. Flows values revised from 6/23/2015 to 6/27/2015; loaded data from USGS website.
10/10/2014Erroneous data spikes 10/1/2014 to 10/9/2014. The transducer line was buried which caused a surge in pressure and produced the false 1-foot rise each day. The line has been cleaned and readings should be reliable now.
03/24/2011Latitude and longitude updated according to information downloaded from USGS website.
01/06/20111/5/2011 - Shift in stage due to buried orifice line. Orifice line replaced on 1/5/2011 by USGS.
02/14/2008Site was converted to satellite only site with a 1 hour transmit frequency on 2/11/08.
04/26/2007New USGS rating table being used as of 4/26/2007. Flow values were revised from 4/16/2007 to 4/25/2007 due to the use of an incorrect rating table.