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Station IDSDFElevation6750' ft
OperatorUS Bureau of ReclamationData Collection

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Sensor DescriptionSensor NumberDurationPlotData CollectionData Available
PRECIPITATION, ACCUMULATED, inches 2 (daily) (RAIN)COMPUTED 10/01/2003 to present.
PRECIPITATION, INCREMENTAL, inches 45 (daily) (PPT INC)COMPUTED 12/01/1988 to present.
SNOW DEPTH, inches 18 (daily) (SNOW DP)COMPUTED 10/01/2004 to present.
SNOW, WATER CONTENT, inches 3 (daily) (SNOW WC)COMPUTED 02/10/1983 to present.
SNOW, WATER CONTENT(REVISED), inches 82 (daily) (SNO ADJ)COMPUTED 11/08/1983 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR AVERAGE, deg f 30 (daily) (TEMP AV)COMPUTED 09/02/1999 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR MAXIMUM, deg f 31 (daily) (TEMP MX)COMPUTED 09/02/1999 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR MINIMUM, deg f 32 (daily) (TEMP MN)COMPUTED 09/02/1999 to present.
PRECIPITATION, TIPPING BUCKET, inches 16 (event) (RAINTIP)SATELLITE 12/17/1994 to present.
SNOW, WATER CONTENT, inches 3 (event) (SNOW WC)ALERT 12/17/1994 to 08/05/1998.
TEMPERATURE, AIR, deg f 4 (event) (TEMP)ALERT 12/17/1994 to 09/01/1998.
BATTERY VOLTAGE, volts 14(hourly)(BAT VOL)SATELLITE 09/08/1998 to present.
SNOW DEPTH, inches 18(hourly)(SNOW DP)SATELLITE 12/03/1998 to present.
SNOW, WATER CONTENT, inches 3(hourly)(SNOW WC)SATELLITE 09/08/1998 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR, deg f 4(hourly)(TEMP)SATELLITE 09/08/1998 to present.

Station comments:

07/14/2015Air temperature sensor has been replaced.
03/02/2015Sand Flat site is back online with 4 of the 5 sensors functional. The temperature sensor remains non-functional, since it cannot be replaced in a safe manner with the snow and required equipment needed on the ground. The temperature sensor is scheduled to be fixed later this year before next winter.
10/16/2012Site was upgraded to 300 baud.
03/01/2011Adjusted WC by +6.4 due to 35.3" control reading on 2/28/11.