Map of surrounding area

Station IDHOPElevation498' ft
Hydrologic AreaNORTH COASTNearby CityHOPLAND
OperatorUSGS/USACEData Collection

Zero DatumPeak of RecordMonitor StageFlood StageGuidance Plots
497.61' NGVD12/01/1937 00:00 30.00' 18.0' 21.0'HOP_gp

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Sensor DescriptionSensor NumberDurationPlotData CollectionData Available
FLOW, MEAN DAILY, cfs 41 (daily) (M FLOW)COMPUTED 01/01/1993 to present.
BATTERY VOLTAGE, volts 14 (event) (BAT VOL)SATELLITE 02/02/1995 to present.
FLOW, RIVER DISCHARGE, cfs 20 (event) (FLOW)COMPUTED 02/02/1995 to present.
RIVER STAGE, feet 1 (event) (RIV STG)SATELLITE 02/02/1995 to present.
TEMPERATURE, WATER, deg f 25 (event) (TEMP W)SATELLITE 07/16/2008 to present.
BATTERY VOLTAGE, volts 14(hourly)(BAT VOL)SATELLITE 01/01/1995 to present.
FLOW, RIVER DISCHARGE, cfs 20(hourly)(FLOW)COMPUTED 01/01/1984 to present.
FORECASTED STAGE, feet 169(hourly)(STAGE F)DATA XCHG-NWS 10/07/2009 to 10/07/2009.
RIVER STAGE, feet 1(hourly)(RIV STG)SATELLITE 01/01/1984 to present.

Station comments:

10/24/2014A temporary orifice line was installed and used for the data from 4/1/2014 to 7/10/2014. On 7/10/2014, gage was fully rebuilt and relocated to the opposite bank to make a shorter run of orifice.
12/02/2012River Stage Data under-reporting by ~5 feet, issue with equipment. Gage repaired by USGS by 1300 on 12/2/2012.
03/24/2011Latitude and longitude updated according to information downloaded from USGS website.