Map of surrounding area

Station IDDSCElevation3480' ft
Hydrologic AreaSOUTH COASTNearby CityEL CAJON
OperatorUS Forest ServiceData Collection

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Sensor DescriptionSensor NumberDurationPlotData CollectionData Available
PRECIPITATION, ACCUMULATED, inches 2 (daily) (RAIN)COMPUTED 10/01/2003 to present.
PRECIPITATION, INCREMENTAL, inches 45 (daily) (PPT INC)COMPUTED 10/01/2003 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR AVERAGE, deg f 30 (daily) (TEMP AV)COMPUTED 10/01/2005 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR MAXIMUM, deg f 31 (daily) (TEMP MX)COMPUTED 10/01/2005 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR MINIMUM, deg f 32 (daily) (TEMP MN)COMPUTED 10/01/2005 to present.
BATTERY VOLTAGE, volts 14(hourly)(BAT VOL)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
FUEL MOISTURE, WOOD, % 11(hourly)(FUEL MS)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
FUEL TEMP,WOOD PROBE, deg f 13(hourly)(FUEL TP)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
PRECIPITATION, ACCUMULATED, inches 2(hourly)(RAIN)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
RELATIVE HUMIDITY, % 12(hourly)(REL HUM)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
SOLAR RADIATION, w/m^2 26(hourly)(SOLAR R)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
TEMPERATURE, AIR, deg f 4(hourly)(TEMP)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
WIND, DIRECTION, deg 10(hourly)(WIND DR)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
WIND, DIRECTION OF PEAK GUST, deg 78(hourly)(PEAK WD)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
WIND, PEAK GUST, mph 77(hourly)(PEAK WS)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.
WIND, SPEED, mph 9(hourly)(WIND SP)SATELLITE 09/06/2001 to present.