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Station IDBOCElevation5521' ft
OperatorUS Bureau of ReclamationData Collection

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Sensor DescriptionSensor NumberDurationPlotData CollectionData Available
RES, ABV TOP OF CONSERV STOR, af 200 (daily) (ABV TOC)COMPUTED 06/01/2012 to present.
RESERVOIR ELEVATION, feet 6 (daily) (RES ELE)COMPUTED 07/01/2014 to present.
RESERVOIR STORAGE, af 15 (daily) (STORAGE)COMPUTED 07/01/2014 to present.
RESERVOIR, TOP CONSERV STORAGE, af 94 (daily) (TOC STO)DATA XCHG-USACE SAC 10/20/2000 to present.
BATTERY VOLTAGE, volts 14 (event) (BAT VOL)SATELLITE 03/24/2006 to present.
RESERVOIR ELEVATION, feet 6 (event) (RES ELE)SATELLITE 03/24/2006 to present.
RESERVOIR STORAGE, af 15 (event) (STORAGE)SATELLITE 03/24/2006 to present.
RESERVOIR, SCHEDULED RELEASE, cfs 7 (event) (REL SCH)MANUAL ENTRY 02/16/2011 to present.
DISCHARGE, POWER GENERATION, cfs 48(hourly)(DIS PWR)SATELLITE 02/01/1995 to 03/20/2006.
FLOW, RIVER DISCHARGE, cfs 20(hourly)(FLOW)COMPUTED 06/17/1992 to 03/20/2006.
PRECIPITATION, ACCUMULATED, inches 2(hourly)(RAIN)SATELLITE 07/23/1990 to 01/20/1997.
RESERVOIR ELEVATION, feet 6(hourly)(RES ELE)SATELLITE 07/23/1990 to 03/20/2006.
RESERVOIR STORAGE, af 15(hourly)(STORAGE)COMPUTED 08/29/1990 to 03/20/2006.
RIVER STAGE, feet 1(hourly)(RIV STG)SATELLITE 07/23/1990 to 04/30/1999.
RESERVOIR STORAGE, af 15 (monthly) (STORAGE)MANUAL ENTRY 10/01/1955 to present.

Station comments:

05/18/2015The capacity was revised in May 2015 using data from the US District Court Water Master for the Truckee River
08/14/2006Started using new USGS rating table.