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County Names containing TRINITY :

IDStation NameRiver BasinCountyLongitudeLatitudeElevation
7UPSEVEN UPTRINITY RTRINITY-122.88340.9587400  None SpecifiedClick
BBSBEAR BASINTRINITY RTRINITY-122.86740.9676500  Weaverville Ranger DistrictClick
BFLBIG FLATTRINITY RTRINITY-122.94241.085100  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
BFTBIG FLAT (COURSE)TRINITY RTRINITY-122.93841.0775100  Weaverville Ranger DistrictClick
BGBBIG BARTRINITY RTRINITY-123.240.7331270  US Forest ServiceClick
BNCBROWN'S CK NR DOUGLAS CITYTRINITY RTRINITY-122.984240.65031640  US Geological SurveyClick
BNKBONANZA KINGTRINITY RTRINITY-122.62841.0836450  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
CFFCOFFEE CREEK RANGER STATIONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.708641.08942503  CA Dept of Water Resources/Flood ManagementClick
CFRCOFFEE RIDGETRINITY RTRINITY-122.71741.0833040  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
CJCCANYON CK AT JUNCTION CITYTRINITY RTRINITY-123.049240.74031510  US Geological SurveyClick
CLETRINITY LAKETRINITY RTRINITY-122.76240.8012370  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
DDFDEADFALL LAKESTRINITY RTRINITY-122.50341.3187200  Mount Shasta Ranger DistrictClick
DGCTRINITY RIVER AT DOUGLAS CITYTRINITY RTRINITY-122.95666503906340.64527893066411600  US Geological SurveyClick
FVCFIVE CENTTRINITY RTRINITY-122.930840.75972550  US Forest ServiceClick
GVCGRASS VALLEY CK NR LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.86113739013740.68653488159181680  US Geological SurveyClick
GVFGRASS VLY CR AT FAWN LODGE NR LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.83058166503940.67625808715822050  US Geological SurveyClick
GVIGRASS VALLEY CREEK INFLOWTRINITY RTRINITY-122.75240.6212750  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
GVOGRASS VALLEY CREEKTRINITY RTRINITY-122.7640.6252715  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
GVTGRASS VALLEY CK NR LEWISTON, H2O TEMPTRINITY RTRINITY-122.8640.68671680  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
HIGHIGHLAND LAKESTRINITY RTRINITY-122.48341.0936030  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
HYFHAYFORKTRINITY RTRINITY-123.33340.54000  US Forest ServiceClick
ICDINDIAN CK NR DOUGLAS CITYTRINITY RTRINITY-122.913340.65191670  US Geological SurveyClick
KETKETTENPOMEEL RTRINITY-123.46740.153468  CA Dept of Water Resources/Flood ManagementClick
LEWLEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.79340.7271870  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
LFHLEWISTON FISH HATCHERYTRINITY RTRINITY-122.79340.7271870  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
LWDLOWDENTRINITY RTRINITY-122.83140.693120  US Bureau of Land ManagementClick
LWSLEWISTON (WATER QUALITY)TRINITY RTRINITY-122.80363464355540.7193107604981830  US Geological Survey & US Bureau of ReclamationClick
MADMAD RIVER RSEEL RTRINITY-123.53340.452775  US Forest ServiceClick
MBDMAD R BL RUTH DAMMAD RTRINITY-123.43614196777340.3709793090822560  US Geological SurveyClick
MDFMAD RIVER (USFS)MAD RTRINITY-123.52440.4632775  US Forest ServiceClick
MRFMAD R ABV RUTH RESERVOIR NR FOREST GLENMAD RTRINITY-123.33530426025440.28431320190432700  US Geological SurveyClick
MUDMUD SPRINGSTRINITY RTRINITY-123.28340.7173400  CA Dept of Water Resources/Flood ManagementClick
MUMMUMBO BASINTRINITY RTRINITY-122.52341.1975650  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
NFHTRINITY R ABV NF TRINITY NR HELENATRINITY RTRINITY-123.11447906494140.76653289794921410  US Geological SurveyClick
NFSNORTH FORK SACRAMENTO RSACRAMENTO RTRINITY-122.49341.3056900  Mount Shasta Ranger DistrictClick
NTRNF TRINITY RIVER AT HELENATRINITY RTRINITY-123.12740.7821345  US Geological Survey & US Bureau of ReclamationClick
PDPPARADISE PEAKTRINITY RTRINITY-122.74840.5585800  Hayfork Ranger DistrictClick
PETPETERSON FLATTRINITY RTRINITY-122.527741.30237150  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
PTGPEAR TREE GULCHTRINITY RTRINITY-123.11640.7661350  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
RCLRUSH CREEK NEAR LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.83440.7251700  US Geological Survey & US Bureau of ReclamationClick
RRMRED ROCK MOUNTAINTRINITY RTRINITY-122.88541.0236700  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
RTDRUTH DAMMAD RTRINITY-123.43340.3672675  USGS and DWRClick
SCPSCORPIONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.69741.1124400  US Forest ServiceClick
SHMSHIMMY LAKETRINITY RTRINITY-122.841.0086400  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
TBRTRINITY RIVER NEAR BURNT RANCHTRINITY RTRINITY-123.44004058837940.7887496948242944  US Geological SurveyClick
TGSTRINITY GUARD STATIONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.6640.8254100  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
TJCTRINITY R AT JUNCTION CITYTRINITY RTRINITY-123.06197357177740.72847747802731445  US Geological SurveyClick
TNLTRINITY R AT LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY-122.80240.7191816  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
TRCTRINITY R ABV COFFEE CR NR TRINITY CTRTRINITY RTRINITY-122.70558166503941.1112556457522537  US Geological SurveyClick
TYRTAYLOR RIDGETRINITY RTRINITY-122.81740.9174000  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
WHNWHALANTRINITY RTRINITY-122.4541.155400  Weaverville Ranger DistrictClick
WLCWOLFORD CABINTRINITY RTRINITY-122.83341.26150  Salmon/Scott River Ranger DistrictClick
WVCWEAVER CREEK NEAR WEAVERVILLETRINITY RTRINITY-122.9342498779340.68547821044921740  US Geological SurveyClick
WVRWEAVERVILLE RSTRINITY RTRINITY-122.9540.7332050  US Forest ServiceClick
ZENZENIAEEL RTRINITY-123.4640.2084000  CA Dept of Water ResourcesClick

58 matches found.