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County Names containing TRINITY :

IDStation NameRiver BasinCountyLongitudeLatitudeElevation
7UPSEVEN UPTRINITY RTRINITY122.88340.9587400  None SpecifiedClick
BBSBEAR BASINTRINITY RTRINITY122.86740.9676500  Weaverville Ranger DistrictClick
BFLBIG FLATTRINITY RTRINITY122.94241.085100  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
BFTBIG FLAT (COURSE)TRINITY RTRINITY122.93841.0775100  Weaverville Ranger DistrictClick
BGBBIG BARTRINITY RTRINITY123.240.7331270  US Forest ServiceClick
BNCBROWN'S CK NR DOUGLAS CITYTRINITY RTRINITY122.984240.65031640  US Geological SurveyClick
BNKBONANZA KINGTRINITY RTRINITY122.62841.0836450  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
CFFCOFFEE CREEK RANGER STATIONTRINITY RTRINITY122.708641.08942503  CA Dept of Water Resources/Flood ManagementClick
CFRCOFFEE RIDGETRINITY RTRINITY122.71741.0833040  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
CJCCANYON CK AT JUNCTION CITYTRINITY RTRINITY123.049240.74031510  US Geological SurveyClick
CLETRINITY LAKETRINITY RTRINITY122.76240.8012370  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
DDFDEADFALL LAKESTRINITY RTRINITY122.50341.3187200  Mount Shasta Ranger DistrictClick
DGCTRINITY RIVER AT DOUGLAS CITYTRINITY RTRINITY122.95666503906340.64527893066411600  US Geological SurveyClick
FVCFIVE CENTTRINITY RTRINITY122.930840.75972550  US Forest ServiceClick
GVCGRASS VALLEY CK NR LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY122.86113739013740.68653488159181680  US Geological SurveyClick
GVFGRASS VLY CR AT FAWN LODGE NR LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY122.83058166503940.67625808715822050  US Geological SurveyClick
GVIGRASS VALLEY CREEK INFLOWTRINITY RTRINITY122.75240.6212750  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
GVOGRASS VALLEY CREEKTRINITY RTRINITY122.7640.6252715  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
GVTGRASS VALLEY CK NR LEWISTON, H2O TEMPTRINITY RTRINITY122.8640.68671680  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
HIGHIGHLAND LAKESTRINITY RTRINITY122.48341.0936030  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
HYFHAYFORKTRINITY RTRINITY123.33340.54000  US Forest ServiceClick
ICDINDIAN CK NR DOUGLAS CITYTRINITY RTRINITY122.913340.65191670  US Geological SurveyClick
KETKETTENPOMEEL RTRINITY123.46740.153468  CA Dept of Water ResourcesClick
LEWLEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY122.79340.7271870  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
LFHLEWISTON FISH HATCHERYTRINITY RTRINITY122.79340.7271870  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
LWDLOWDENTRINITY RTRINITY122.83140.693120  US Bureau of Land ManagementClick
LWSLEWISTON (WATER QUALITY)TRINITY RTRINITY122.80363464355540.7193107604981830  US Geological Survey & US Bureau of ReclamationClick
MADMAD RIVER RSEEL RTRINITY123.53340.452775  US Forest ServiceClick
MBDMAD R BL RUTH DAMMAD RTRINITY123.43614196777340.3709793090822560  US Geological SurveyClick
MDFMAD RIVER (USFS)MAD RTRINITY123.52440.4632775  US Forest ServiceClick
MRFMAD R ABV RUTH RESERVOIR NR FOREST GLENMAD RTRINITY123.33530426025440.28431320190432700  US Geological SurveyClick
MUDMUD SPRINGSTRINITY RTRINITY123.28340.7173400  CA Dept of Water ResourcesClick
MUMMUMBO BASINTRINITY RTRINITY122.52341.1975650  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
NFHTRINITY R ABV NF TRINITY NR HELENATRINITY RTRINITY123.11447906494140.76653289794921410  US Geological SurveyClick
NFSNORTH FORK SACRAMENTO RSACRAMENTO RTRINITY122.49341.3056900  Mount Shasta Ranger DistrictClick
NTRNF TRINITY RIVER AT HELENATRINITY RTRINITY123.12740.7821345  US Geological Survey & US Bureau of ReclamationClick
PDPPARADISE PEAKTRINITY RTRINITY122.74840.5585800  Hayfork Ranger DistrictClick
PETPETERSON FLATTRINITY RTRINITY122.527741.30237150  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
PTGPEAR TREE GULCHTRINITY RTRINITY123.11640.7661350  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
RCLRUSH CREEK NEAR LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY122.83440.7251700  US Geological Survey & US Bureau of ReclamationClick
RRMRED ROCK MOUNTAINTRINITY RTRINITY122.88541.0236700  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
RTDRUTH DAMMAD RTRINITY123.43340.3672675  USGS and DWRClick
SCPSCORPIONTRINITY RTRINITY122.69741.1124400  US Forest ServiceClick
SHMSHIMMY LAKETRINITY RTRINITY122.841.0086400  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
TBRTRINITY RIVER NEAR BURNT RANCHTRINITY RTRINITY123.44004058837940.7887496948242944  US Geological SurveyClick
TGSTRINITY GUARD STATIONTRINITY RTRINITY122.6640.8254100  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
TJCTRINITY R AT JUNCTION CITYTRINITY RTRINITY123.06197357177740.72847747802731445  US Geological SurveyClick
TNLTRINITY R AT LEWISTONTRINITY RTRINITY122.80240.7191816  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
TRCTRINITY R ABV COFFEE CR NR TRINITY CTRTRINITY RTRINITY122.70558166503941.1112556457522537  US Geological SurveyClick
TYRTAYLOR RIDGETRINITY RTRINITY122.81740.9174000  US Bureau of ReclamationClick
WHNWHALANTRINITY RTRINITY122.4541.155400  Weaverville Ranger DistrictClick
WLCWOLFORD CABINTRINITY RTRINITY122.83341.26150  Salmon/Scott River Ranger DistrictClick
WVCWEAVER CREEK NEAR WEAVERVILLETRINITY RTRINITY122.9342498779340.68547821044921740  US Geological SurveyClick
WVRWEAVERVILLE RSTRINITY RTRINITY122.9540.7332050  US Forest ServiceClick
ZENZENIAEEL RTRINITY123.4640.2084000  CA Dept of Water ResourcesClick

58 matches found.