CDEC Station Search

To list CDEC Stations by station name, sensor type, duration, status, geographic location, nearby city, river basin, hydrologic area, county, or operator:

  1. Specify a three-letter CDEC Station ID or partial Station Name,
    or a Sensor Type, or a Duration Type, or an Status Type,
    or a pair of Latitude/Longitude values, or an Elevation values, or a Nearby City Name,
    or a River Basin Name, or a Hydrologic Area Name,
    or a County Name, or an Operator Name.
  2. Select more criteria for a narrower search.
  3. Select how you want the search results displayed.
  4. Click the Search button only once.

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(And) Duration: Any Duration   Event   Hourly   Daily   Monthly  
(And) Status: Any status   Active stations only   Discontinued stations only  
(And) Longitude:
>= And <= (example: 120.25)
>= And <= (example: 39.75)
(And) Elevation: >= And <= (example: 500 feet)
(And) Nearby City:
(And) River Basin:
(And) Hydrologic Area:
(And) County:
(And) Operator ID/Name:
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