Map of surrounding area

Station IDNMNElevation5900' ft
River BasinPIT RCountySHASTA
Hydrologic AreaSACRAMENTO RIVERNearby City
OperatorLassen Volcanic National ParkData Collection

Additional types of information available:   Snow Course Information

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Sensor DescriptionSensor NumberDurationPlotData CollectionData Available
SNOW DEPTH, inches 18 (monthly) (SNOW DP)MANUAL ENTRY 02/01/1950 to present.
SNOW, WATER CONTENT, inches 3 (monthly) (SNOW WC)MANUAL ENTRY 02/01/1950 to present.
SNOW, WATER CONTENT(REVISED), inches 82 (monthly) (SNO ADJ)MANUAL ENTRY 02/01/1950 to present.