Snow Course Data

To get data values for a particular Snow Course Number:

  1. Specify a Snow Course Number. A CDEC three-letter Station ID may also be used.
  2. Select the month of measurement. All months may be selected.
  3. Enter a Starting Year or an Ending Year. Leave either blank for begin/end of records.
  4. For non-HTML results, check the "comma-delimited output" box.
  5. Click the "Retrieve Data" button only once.

Snow Course Number:   Month:   Starting year:   Ending year:

comma-delimited output    

Just looking for water content data in an easy-to-parse format? Click one of these instead:


Want all data for an entire watershed or region? Select from the list below:    

You may also download a text printout of the data record for each course or just retrieve the most recent measurements.